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My advice to everyone is to take advantage of all the opportunities offered at ASA. The college is dedicated to ensuring that students and graduates succeed while in the school and after graduation 

Julio Irizarry

AOS Degree in Business Administration

One of the things that I enjoyed most as an ASA student was the teaching method that instructors used. They were always willing to provide additional information, go into details and cover material in depth.

Lynette Sylvester

AOS Degree in Business Administration w/Accounting

Students, be assured that ASA college provides all the resources you need to study and move forward your goals. It is not just about passing quizzes, it is about gaining knowledge shared by those dedicated instructors

Armine Aleksanian

AOS Degree in Business Administration 

By choosing ASA College, you're truly making an important investment in your education


Nursing RN

Easy transfer to our BSN programs

Program Overview

The Associate in Applied Science degree program offers a strong foundation in sciences and technology to prepare nurses who are proficient in technology and meet the needs of the health care delivery system of the 21st century. The program also provides the necessary knowledge and skills required for advanced study at the baccalaureate level.

Graduates of the program will be able to use the nursing process to provide patient care within a self-care framework to patients across the life span. The curriculum requires 68 credits; 43 credits are required in the major (nursing), and 20 credits are required in general education/arts & sciences. These courses ensure a strong liberal arts foundation. There are also 5 additional credits of required college core courses. Graduates of the program will be qualified to sit the certification examination NCLEX-RN to become Registered Professional Nurses. Opportunities are also available for graduates of this program to continue their education at the baccalaureate level.

What our graduates say:

I love my job! My work allows me to utilize the skills I have learned at ASA. Thanks to my professor and job placement department. 

Esther Reich

AAS Degree in Nursing

ASA did not let me go after my first  two attempts.  ASA had offered many boot camps, they had teachers that stayed in contact with us even after the graduation.  I'm very grateful and I appreciate what ASA has done for me. 

Louisiane Joseph

AAS Degree in Nursing

The Career Service Department was extremely helpful  and placed me at Mr. Sinai School of Medicine as a Patient Care Assistant. On a daily basis,  I get the opportunity to provide quality care to patients who were affected at the WTC on 9/11. Thank you ASA 

Lydia Emestica

AOS Degree in Medical Assisting

By choosing ASA College, you're truly making an important investment in your future

Job Outlook 

The starting median annual wage for Registered Nurses /RN/ is $73,000. 

The annual wage for an RN nurse with 3 years of experience is about $110,000.

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By choosing ASA College, you're truly making an important investment in your future career


May 7th, 2019


Graduate in as little as 16 Months*

*If no remedial courses are required


2017 Median Pay $70,000 per year

Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics as of 12.02.2018

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Credits Transfers 
Free NCLEX Preparation

Classes Start on December 15th, 2021

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Credits Transfers 
Free NCLEX Preparation

Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the ASA associate degree in applied science - nursing graduates will be prepared to:
Take the NCLEX-RN licensing examination;
• Use the nursing process to provide evidence-based safe patient care within a self-care framework to patients across the life span;
• Manage and coordinate care for individuals, families and groups experiencing self-care deficits;
• Collaborate with patients and health team members to plan appropriate patient care for resolving self-care deficits;
• Practice as a member of the nursing profession within the ethical and legal scope of standards and practice;
• Assume personal responsibility for nursing practice;
• Pursue lifelong professional and personal learning development.


 Easy transfer to our BSN program

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In-Person and Online Education
ASA offers high-quality Associate and Bachelor's degree programs that respond to the needs of students and employers in a global economy.

Student Advisement Services
Every student is assigned a dedicated ASA advisor who functions as a mentor throughout the student's stay at the college.  Advisors assist students to identify and achieve their goals. 

ASA College is regionally accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Job Placement Assistance
ASA College helps graduates to obtain the best possible jobs in the industries related to their program of study and to start their careers. Over the years, we developed close relationships with major institutions such as hospitals, banks, brokerage companies, offices of District Attorneys, insurance companies, etc.

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